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A powerful bioflavonoid that contributes to the health of the small blood vessels – the capillaries.

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Care for the heart and blood vessels. Rutin C – Forte is a food supplement containing vitamin C and Rutin, also known as Rutoside – one of the most powerful bioflavonoids with healing effect on the circulatory system.
The product strengthens the lining of blood vessels, protects them from thinning and reduces bleeding. Rutin fights inflammation, which makes it beneficial in case of various painful inflammatory diseases. Our formula is highly antioxidant, as vitamin C enhances the effect of rutin.
Rutin is also known as vitamin P, it has a successful and beneficial effect on various parts of the body such as the brain, heart and circulatory system. It protects vital organs from the damaging effects of free radicals, protecting the cell from cancer, and can stop it from spreading.

Rutin C – Forte helps with:
- bleeding;
- - stabilization of the cell membrane and strengthening of the capillary wall;
- hypocoagulation of the blood and a tendency to thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
- normalizes the functioning of blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries), contributes to the patency, health and elasticity of blood vessel walls;
- rosacea – has a beneficial effect on the small blood vessels – the capillaries;
- wrinkles – increases skin elasticity, reduces the length, area and number of wrinkles, increases collagen production and reduces oxidative damage in skin cells;
- varicose veins, swelling, chronic venous insufficiency, heavy and restless legs, cramps, etc.;
- osteoporosis – slows down the breakdown of bones, increases bone mineralization and the activity of developing bone cells.

Suitable for: adults.

Instructions for use: 1 tablet 3 times daily, during or after meals, with a glass of water, for 2-3 weeks.

Ingredients in one tablet:

Rutin /Rutoside/ – 50 mg, Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) – 50 mg.

Not recommended in case of: intolerance to the ingredients, pregnancy, lactation, impaired carbohydrate metabolism.

Package: 100 tablets – for 33 days.

This product does not contain: flavorings, artificial colors, preservatives, lactose, salt, sugar, yeast, corn or GMOs.